We want to positively influence a billion dollars in charitable giving over the next two years.

- DVI Board of Directors


Built for APP and website developers, our GIVE_api allows developers to facilitate giving and social good into their projects. Using our GIVE_api users can search for, access information about and donate to the charity of their choice. Donors are given an immediate tax receipt and the API host is notified of the donation.

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You can access our database to retrieve information that allows you to make informed strategic decisions. Our database houses critical information that can be accessed and reviewed. Whether from a public policy perspective, Charitable Investment or to review a program’s and effectiveness, our data can be mined to give you the answers to your questions.

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Donation Plug-ins

We believe that giving should be part of every corporation's social responsibility and corporate culture. We have built a easy to use plug-in that allows corporations to incorporate social good and giving into their corporate profile called The Easy-Donate Button.

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Dexterity Consulting is a non-profit management consulting and philanthropic brokerage firm providing services to donors and their advisors, as well as charities in order to drive meaningful social change in their communities. Our goal is to build trusting relationships between donors and charities, and the advisors that guide the giving process.

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DVI Products

Using our giving technologies and tools, Dexterity Ventures further enhance our clients' abilities to incorporate giving and social good into their business models. Check out our suite of products and services using out technology that we've developed:

Our Data

Dexterity Ventures Inc. collects and manages information on all North American charities.

Our database is the most comprehensive in the industry. We collect data from 11 sources and the data is updated quarterly. This database gives donors the information needed to make informed strategic charitable decisions.

  • For North American charities we aggregate data from a variety of sources including: the Canada Revenue Agency, Charities.org, Charity Intelligence, Charity Navigator, Give Well, Global Giving, Guidestar, the IRS, Network for Good, and other third party publications. We also receive data from various social media platforms for real-time information.
  • Using the collected data we can help create a link between charities and donors, making it easy for donors to make impactful and informed decisions regarding social investments.

The DVI Knowledge Exchange

The DVI Knowledge Exchange

The DVI Knowledge Exchange is a place where ideas are exchanged and shared around donating strategically and philanthropy. Check back to see what the leaders in the field are saying, what new ideas are being developed and what is happening in the industry.


    Have you ever wondered what it was like to work with Dexterity Ventures Inc.? Or how our philanthropy technology solutions can be successfully implemented at your organization? In this document, we take a look at four case studies of how people have worked with DVI and what the outcomes of these projects were.

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    Various studies state that in half of all households in North America, financial management decisions are shared equally between partners – a significant change from the previous generations

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    Did you know that you can use Big Data to make smarter decisions about where to spend your social capital? Or that you can use charity sector Big Data to help you power your latest tech solution?

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