Standard GIVE_api

We work closely with organizations who want to build giving and social good into their corporate profile. Our GIVE_api allows users to search for, to obtain information about and to donate to any of North America’s 1.6 million charities. Our Data is the most comprehensive in the industry drawing from eleven sources of information.

Dexterity Ventures Inc., allowed our organization to establish payment processes that gave us the ability to scale our community of donors. DVI also helped us improve donor experience and raise our level of maturity with very effective processes and assistance. We would not have had the capital available to do this on our own. The ROI of this partnership has been huge for us.
- Kevin Crowe, Founder, GiveAMile

Multiple call options

Users can pick and choose from a variety of call options what information they want to call on. Choose from financial to social to latest in projects.

Users of our GIVE_api

  • Donors are given instant tax receipts.
  • GAIN (GIVE_api instant notification). The GIVE_api host receives instant notification of all donations made on their platform.
  • GIVE_api host receives a monthly donation report.
  • All payment types are accepted including securities.

Our GIVE_api allows for

  • Cross border platform for donations. Dexterity Ventures enables donations to both US and Canadian charities from either US or Canadian donors.
  • Accept securities. We can accept the gift of securities on behalf of charities.
  • Saves Charities administrations fees. We help costly process of issuing and mailing tax receipts.

Free to use!

There is no upfront cost to implement our Standard GIVE_api into your project.
Find out how you can get started on our Developers Documentation web site

Premium GIVE_api

Custom applications can be created using our GIVE_api.
Do you want to incorporate giving into your loyalty program or collect donations at point of sale?
We can customize our API to your requirements. Call us now to see what can be done