Dexterity's Funeral GIVE_api Demo

We have developed a Funeral GIVE_api (Application Program Interface) that gives funeral homes the ability to process donations to any of North America’s 1.6 million charities directly from individual memorial / tribute pages securely and safely without leaving the page. Funeral Homes can report to family members donations made in their loved one’s name. This is an example of how our Funeral GIVE_api could be incorporated into a tribute page.

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Dexterity's Advisors Toolbox Demo

Our Advisor Toolbox is built using our GIVE_api. The Advisor Toolbox is an application designed to assist financial advisors manage their clients charitable activities. This application is the best example of both breadth and depth of capabilities of integrating our GIVE_api.

  • It incorporates our profiling tool that determines the type of donor clients are;
  • It matches clients with potential charities making the selection process easier and assists clients in achieving the charitable objectives;
  • It manages all financial aspects of charitable donations and
  • It tracks and generates reports sharable with their clients; and
  • It can determine the impact their donations are making.

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Dexterity's Banking Tools Demo

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